About Us

Carson Kaye was set up to offer quality representation to our clients and to counter the ‘duty solicitor’ led malaise within the industry; the stack it high and sell it cheap formula that has prevailed for many years.

Both John Carson and John Kaye have a straightforward approach to every case; to offer strategically innovative advice.

The firm prides itself on it's ability to offer each client specific and dedicated resources.  This means that all avenues will be explored and carefully considered.  We want to build relationships with our clients and want the client to trust the advice we provide.

You will also receive the benefit of expert counsel who will supplement your defence team.  The firm does not have in-house advocates and does not believe in the principle. 

Our work is purely referral and like any business the firm is only as good as the last case.

With our office in the City of London the firm offers a dynamic and intuitive approach to defending clients. 

For more information or to speak to one of our experts, please call 0203 735 7358