Edward Brown


Edward Brown


I completed a BSc in Neuroscience at the University of Sussex where I also coached the University Swimming Team in my final two years. After graduating with a 1st Class Degree and a prize for the best final year project in the School of Biosciences I worked in a variety of public sector roles. During this time I spent periods working with young people and also those with mental health problems. This led me to re-evaluate my path in life and I decided to make a break in to Law. I completed the GDL at City University, London, followed closely by the LPC at London Metropolitan University and have not looked back since.

Criminal Law is an area where, much of the time, one party risks the most precious of all things - their freedom. The Criminal Law is the blunt tool society uses to try and control the natural and instinctive impulses and behaviour we are all prone to as human beings. Its bluntness, and the genuine differences of opinion as to what it should control and to what extend it should control mean that it is imperative that its exercise be robustly tested, controlled, limited and even resisted in some circumstances. This is what I work in Criminal Law to do.

While I am not at work I swim, cook and socialise with friends. My one real hobby though is numismatics - I collect English Medieval silver coins and am a member of the British Numismatic Society.

Notable Cases:

R v YL (2017) – Operation Sentret – Conspiracy to Commit Fraud - fake and cloned credit cards manufactured, distributed and used by a well established gang. Defendant received 3 years 9 months after submitting a Basis of Plea.

R v MD (2017) – Operation Knowle – Conspiracy to Supply Class A and Money Laundering – surveillance led operation allegedly following drugs from London to Portsmouth and money on the return. Defendant received a Community Order after being found not guilty on the drugs conspiracy.

R v DK (2018) – Aggravated Burglary, Robbery, Offensive Weapon and Administering a Noxious Substance – After a trial on all Counts defendant received 9 months after being guilty only of the Offensive Weapon.

R v PW (2018) – 32 offences of Robbery, Burglary, Theft, and driving offences over six sets of proceedings. After a combination of trials and pleas and an amalgamated sentencing exercise on five of the sets the defendant received Detention Orders totalling 32 months.

R v TD (2018) – Confiscation – reassessment of the Available Amount. Defendant was served with papers some 7 years after his Confiscation Order was sealed seeking to take his family home and cash surplus from his business. A negotiated settlement saw him keep his family home and the Judge state in Court that any further reassessment would be unjust.

R v AT (2018) – Breach of an Enforcement Notice and Confiscation. Notice related to a lucrative swingers club which had been inherited by the defendant. A negotiated settlement meant that activation of the criminal lifestyle provisions of POCA 2002 were avoided and defendant paid a total of approximately £45,000 in full settlement of the cases (3 months profit from the business).

R v AA (2018) – Operation Gappy - Facilitating Illegal Entry to the UK, False ID documents, Fraud, Money Laundering (11 Counts in total). After a Newton hearing the defendant was sentenced to 5 years 11 months.

R v MG (2018) – s18, s20, ABH, Common Assault, Criminal Damage, Breach of a Non-Molestation Order, PWITS A and PWITS B. After a heatedly contested trial the defendant was found not guilty of the s18 and the s20 and received 4 years 3 months.

R v EI (2018) – Operation Cornpipe – 13 defendants over 3 indictments on charges centring round a conspiracy to steal, disguise and resell back into the domestic market high value cars, mainly Range Rovers. Defendant found not guilty.

R v HJ (2018) – Confiscation. Defendant pleaded guilty to a limited involvement in the fraud of her husband. Crown sought to deem her supposed interest in the family home as her Available Amount. After a fully contested hearing the Judge declined to seal a Confiscation Order stating that it would be unjust to do so given the circumstances of the case.

R v KP (2018) – Importing Class A – defendant arrested after being filmed by undercover officer in the role of a Parcelforce worker signing for a approximately 500g of cocaine. Defendant acquitted after a four day trial.

R v CP (2018) – Possession with Intent to Supply Class B – defendant, in concert with three others, observed stealing 75kg of cannabis by police and arrested after a high speed chase. Defendant received 21 months after pleading guilty on a Basis.