Miriam Altaf


Miriam Altaf


Miriam has over a decade of experience in Criminal Law. She specialises in serious, high profile crime and is an expert in Prison Law. Over the years she has built up an impressive clientele involving a wide spectrum of cases.She will also deal with matters in the Magistrates’ Court and attend police stations as she is involved in her cases from start to finish.

She undertakes Confiscation, privately-paid Appeal matters and privately-paid Prison Law matters.
Miriam’s cases come from referrals and recommendations. She is passionate about her work and committed to her clients. She is known for her down to earth approach with clients and excellent client care.

Miriam can also provide advice on how to effectively manage prison sentences so that clients can progress to open prisons at the earliest possible opportunity and all other aspects of Prison Law including; Parole, Adjudication, Categorisation, Category A reviews, IEP, HDC, RoTL, Licence Recall and Licence Condition issues.

Notable cases:

2005 Luton Crown Court: Murder case involving a shooting that received national media coverage.

2005 Nottingham Crown Court: High-profile attempted murder involving the shooting of a man in Nottingham.

2005 Woolwich Crown Court: Notorious case involving a double murder shooting that received national media coverage.

2006 Old Bailey: Triple murder involving three members of the same family.

2006 Snaresbrook Crown Court: Global crack cocaine smuggling network consisting of over 100 members smuggling drugs into the UK worth £50m.

2006: Appeal involving a quadruple murder of four members of the same family.

2007 Woolwich Crown Court: Two suspects involved in the liquid terror transatlantic bomb plot were advised on Prison Law matters.

2008 Wood Green Crown Court: Matter concerning five men and one women accused Affray and GBH with intent – client acquitted.

2009: Miriam travelled to Jamaica to as part of a multiple murder appeal in relation to a shooting at Notting Hill carnival.

2010 Old Bailey: Multi-handed Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs. Client acquitted.

2011 Old Bailey: Kidnapping, Blackmail and False Imprisonment matter. Client acquitted.

2011 Bradford Crown Court: Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs involving multiple defendants. Client Acquitted.

2012 Southwark Crown Court: Armed Robbery matter concerning robberies of Apple products carried out with the use of firearms and live ammunition.

2012 Harrow Crown Court: Multiple plant cannabis cultivation in a large warehouse. Client given a suspended sentence.

2013 Leamington Spa Crown Court: Concerning the Murder of a prisoner serving a life sentence in a high security Prison. Received widespread media coverage.

2013 Harrow Crown Court: Conspiracy for possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life reduced to possession of a firearm and client being sentenced to 20 months in custody.

2013 Hendon Magistrates’ Court: Client charged under the Dangerous Dogs Act. She was given a small fine and allowed to keep her dog with restrictions imposed.

2013 Winchester Crown Court: Matter involving Money Laundering and Mortgage Fraud.

2014 Old Bailey: Conspiracy to defraud the Inland Revenue concerning 8 defendants charged with the importation and sale of half a million pounds worth of shisha tabacco. Suspended sentence of two years imposed.

2014 Wood Green Crown Court: Matter concerning multiple defendants being involved in the supply of drugs to the police. Client accused of supplying three different types of drugs to the police on three five different occasions received a suspended sentence and supervision.

2014 Nottingham Crown Court: Affray on Sneinton Dale. Client acquitted after a two week trial. Co-accused convicted of section 18.

2014 Wood Green Crown Court: Death by dangerous driving matter involving the death of two passengers after a high speed police chase in North London.

2015 Kingston Crown Court: Represented one of five Defendants accused of being concerned in a large scale Drugs Conspiracy across the UK.

2015 Liverpool and Ipswich Crown Courts: Operation Duston– Multiple nationwide identity fraud conspiracies tried together at Ipswich Crown Court.

2015 Isleworth Crown Court: Represented Defendant who was accused with two other men of committing an armed robbery involving a handgun on a high street bank in West London.

2015 Harrow Crown Court: Represented a female defendant who was accused of possession of multiple firearms, fifty rounds of ammunition, a large amount of cash and drugs. Defendant acquitted after Trial.

2015 Birmingham Crown Court: Represented two Defendants in a case brought by the NCA accusing the Defendants of being involved in a high value drugs supply and money laundering operation.

2015 Lewes Crown Court: Defendant accused with three others of kidnapping, robbery and false imprisonment.

2015 Chester Crown Court: Defendant accused of Money Laundering. Suspended Sentence.

2015 Stoke Crown Court: Defendant accused of being involved in the supply of Class A Drugs.

2015 Court of Appeal: Successful Appeal for a Defendant convicted and imprisoned for a number of Robberies. Released Immediately.

2016 Harrow Crown Court: Represented a Defendant accused of GBH with intent. Client acquitted.

2016 Southwark Crown Court: Defendant accused of making a number of high value purchases at Harrods and Selfridges using fraudulent credit cards. Sentence – Community Service.

2016 Old Bailey: R v A & Others – Represented A who was accused with three other men of the murder of a man in North West London. After three weeks A was acquitted of Murder.

2016 Old Bailey: R v Y & Others – Represented Y who was accused with three other men of the high profile murder of a man on the streets of Harlesden with a machine gun. After three weeks of the trial Y was acquitted and the case continued against others for a period of time. The case collapsed due to extensive work by the Defence that uncovered a series of inconsistencies in the prosecution evidence. Extensive media coverage<http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/london-rapper-acquitted-oliver-tetlow-murder-records-song-i-thought-my-life-was-going-end-1599560>.

2017 Harrow Crown Court: Client accused of multiple counts of Rape acquitted after a re-trial.