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No matter the individual needs of a client, nor the surrounding circumstances of a respective case, the importance of obtaining tailored legal advice and representation from an experienced team of specialists is essential.

At Carson Kaye, we are committed to providing dynamic and bespoke representation across a wide range of legal matters involving individuals and businesses alike. Our expertise includes:

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Our Legal Services

Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions

Being subject to a criminal investigation can be an extremely stressful situation, particularly if you are unsure where to turn for support or what the process will entail. This is where our criminal defence solicitors can step in.

Should you be facing criminal charges, our team can provide immediate support and advise you through every necessary stage. This includes providing police station guidance to representation during any court proceedings, should it be required.

We are aware that your case will be of the utmost importance to you. We can guarantee to handle it with diligence and skill at all times to ensure the best possible result.

Learn more about our expertise with Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions.

Pre-charge Advice

In almost every instance, the most important part of a criminal investigation is the police interview. It is here where critical decisions are made regarding your case and its outcome, which illustrates the importance of receiving prompt advice about what steps to take.

Our team provide representation at the police station and during any pre-arrest, pre-interview, or pre-charge situation. Depending on your situation this could also include advising on cash seizures or restraint orders.

Learn more about our expertise with Pre-charge Advice.

Fraud and Financial Crime

Being convicted of fraud or a financial crime can result in serious penalties and have a wider commercial impact where any corporate bodies are involved. Robust legal representation is therefore indispensable.

Our team have unparalleled experience in defending cases which are prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Conduct Authority, the City of London Police and the specialist fraud teams at the Crown Prosecution Service.

We are also at the forefront of new offences that fall under the Fraud Act 2006, the Bribery Act 2010 and the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Learn more about our expertise with Fraud and Financial Crime.

Proceeds of Crime

Prosecuting authorities could bring confiscation proceedings where they believe a defendant has gained some form of financial benefit through an offence. Under the draconian Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA), you could be at risk of having your assets, including cash, frozen or seized.

We have significant experience in dealing with matters related to proceeds of crime and can help you to prepare a case if you are facing a confiscation order, or you need to protect any assets that have been wrongly included in confiscation proceedings.

Learn more about our expertise with Proceeds of Crime.

Extradition and International Investigations

You could be liable for extradition if you are accused or convicted of a crime in a foreign country. Finding yourself in such a situation can be particularly daunting, especially if you are only accused of an offence and you are unsure what may happen next.

Our team regularly work with British nationals who are subject to extradition proceedings by authorities overseas. We are able to support clients even where a country in question does not have an existing extradition arrangement with the UK.

Learn more about our expertise with Extradition and International Investigations.

Regulatory and Health and Safety

Regulatory and health and safety matters are multi-faceted and can affect any type of business if not correctly addressed. The Health and Safety Executive have the ability to conduct thorough investigations, which can then be regulated and enforced via criminal proceedings.

Regardless of the surrounding circumstances, getting the right legal advice in at an early stage is likely to be pivotal to successfully defending against regulatory proceedings.

Learn more about our expertise with Regulatory and Health and Safety Investigations.

Inquiry, Inquest and Internal Investigations

The prospect of being involved in a significant or high-profile investigation can be challenging and daunting and, in some instances, it may also be necessary to conduct internal investigations. These present their own set of complexities.

Our team can work alongside individuals and companies on various matters related to inquiries, inquests and internal investigations, ensuring that you understand exactly what actions need to be taken and when.

Learn more about our expertise with Inquiries, Inquests and Internal Investigations.

Sports and Reputational Management

Sports law matters come with a unique set of intricacies which require specialist expertise. We have unrivalled expertise on various sports law matters, including those related to the personal management of players, sports disputes, disciplinary proceedings and contracts.

Our team offer a comprehensive service for commercial businesses and individuals on sports law matters and reputational management.

Our specialist expertise is reflected by being Football Association licensed agents, having represented former professional footballers at all levels of the game. Our clientele also includes world champion boxers, football managers, coaches and football agents.

Learn more about our expertise with Sports and Reputational Management.

Appeals and Judicial Management

It is often possible to appeal a decision made by the courts if you believe you have been unfairly treated or the correct procedures were not carried out during the initial investigation.

Where you intend to launch an appeal, we can look to challenge the sentence that has been handed out or take the necessary steps to find new evidence that could be sufficient to overturn the original decision.

Learn more about our expertise with Appeals and Judicial Management.

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To speak to a member of our team today please email info@carsonkaye.co.uk or call 0203 735 7358.