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Appeals and Judicial Review

If you are convicted of a crime, there may be an opportunity for you to appeal against the initial outcome or the lawfulness of the decision made.

At Carson Kaye, we are regularly instructed to challenge unfair convictions and sentences in the highest courts, including the Supreme Court.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly, or the law has been incorrectly applied in your sentencing decision, then we will take the time to identify and challenge a conviction or sentence, striving to find new evidence that may overturn the original decision.

As a firm, we have garnered a strong reputation for achieving successful results for our clients, helping to overturn decisions related to a wide range of criminal offences.

It is our belief that a pro-active investigation is an integral part of the Criminal Justice System and convictions should not stand because of a lack of investigation by the defence.

To that end we have a team of specialists, including links to private investigators, that will investigate any new leads provided and make sure that no stone is left unturned.

Once instructed, we will provide you with forthright advice about your appeal. This includes obtaining your original case papers and providing a comprehensive assessment and advice of the merits of an appeal. From our substantial experience we know that mistakes can be made, but through hard work and dedication they can be overturned.

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Our Expertise with Appeals and Judicial Review

Court Appeals

We understand that being convicted of a crime can be an incredibly difficult experience, both for yourself and your loved ones. This is especially true if there are mitigating factors which you believe have not been taken into consideration or, of course, if you are innocent.

Depending on your circumstances, it may be possible for you to appeal your sentence or conviction.

Our team can support you with the process of making an appeal, such as an appeal to the Court of Appeal Criminal Division, meticulously preparing your case to help you achieve the most favourable outcome possible.

We can also represent you where it is clear that a miscarriage of justice has taken place during your conviction. These matters are incredibly serious and if someone has been proven innocent following the criminal appeals process, they may be able to claim compensation under certain conditions.

Our appeals solicitors can work with you to prepare a detailed case for the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) to assess. The CCRC have special legal powers to investigate cases and send them back to the Court of Appeal for review.

We are regularly instructed to appeal cases that have resulted in lengthy prison sentences and involve complex points of law.

Judicial Review

A judicial review is a type of court proceedings in which a judge will review the lawfulness of a decision made by a public body. It is a challenge to the way the decision has been made, rather than the rights and wrongs of the decision itself. In criminal law, in some instances it may be possible to apply for Judicial review rather than an appeal.

Our solicitors have experience in supporting claims for judicial review and can make sure that all of the relevant steps are taken to clearly demonstrate that mistakes have been made during the process of making a sentencing decision.

When instructed, our team can carefully assess whether judicial review would be appropriate for your situation, or whether it would be more beneficial to make an appeal to the higher court.

Why Work with our Appeals and Judicial Review Solicitors in London?

At Carson Kaye, our goal is simple. We want to provide high quality legal advice and representation, helping our clients to achieve the best possible outcome, while also building genuine relationships along the way.

As a firm, we are Tier 3 ranked by leading client guide The Legal 500, providing independent recognition of our skills and expertise in handling criminal law matters. This includes advising on the ability to appeal and reverse criminal sentences and convictions.

We have established a strong track record of success in a wide range of sectors, including in relation to overturning previous convictions and sentences.

Contact our Appeals Solicitors in the City of London

To speak to our appeals solicitors in London today please email or call 0203 735 7358.