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  • Chantelle Wijetunga
  • Solicitor

Chantelle Wijetunga


Chantelle started her career working in the USA for the Maricopa County Public Defender’s office where she specialised in serious gang crime and youth violence which is where her passion for defence started.  She returned to the UK and completed the Bar course and has since worked for some of the Top Tier Criminal Defence and Human Rights firms in London.

Chantelle has successfully defended a wide range of criminal cases including, Assault, Forgery, Theft, Fraud, Drug (Possession, Sales, and Manufacturing), Armed Robbery, Murder and Manslaughter.   Chantelle has built up a reputation for defending in cases involving serious Sexual Abuse throughout her career, including Sexual Assault, Rape, Sexual Conduct with Minors, and Molestation.

Chantelle has also successfully defendant individuals charged with White Collar Crimes.

Chantelle has acted for professionals including bankers, teachers, doctors, sports personalities, and those in the music industry who have found themselves in the criminal justice system.  Each of her clients is treated with a high level of respect and dedication.

Chantelle is especially passionate about protection for youths and those with mental health disorders throughout the justice system.  Her passion for young people extends to those young people entering the legal profession in the City Law School where she has been an ongoing a mentor for over 8 years.

Chantelle dedicates her time to working tirelessly on behalf of her clients, her passion for defence only grows through her personal approach she takes in her relationship with her clients and works hard to reach a swift and discreet resolution.  She inspires huge client confidence and gets most of her work from referrals and reputation.

Some of Chantelle’s noteworthy cases:

R-v-B: Acquittal secured for 1st defendant for largest (at the time) Cocaine importation conspiracy into the UK involving 4 trials for 31 defendants.

R-v-B: Secured an acquittal of a man charged with Murder with 2 others with use of tireless forensic analysis of CCTV and clothing.

R-v-L: secured acquittal of youth charged with gang murder challenging the statements of unused witnesses and excluding evidence from trial.

R-v-A: represented an individual embroiled in a large sex-trafficking ring/ brothels prosecution, achieved suspended sentence for client.

R-v-V:  successful achievement of no evidence offered against vulnerable teenager with autism charged with attempted murder of a police officer/assault PC.

R-v-W and R-v-P:  successful overturning of linked convictions at the Court of appeal based on new evidence and loss of credibility of complainant.

R-v-D: successful acquittal of man charged with high profile Rape by tracing key alibi witnesses.

R-v-R: complete acquittal of vulnerable youth charged with 8 counts of sexual assaults against six different complainants.

R-v-W: Achieved a discontinuance over a very High-Profile client concerning allegations of Rape.

R-v-T: Represented client who had been on the run for 9 years charged with large insider dealing Fraud

R-v-W: Secured acquittal for bank manager charged with stealing six-figure amount from place of employment.

R-v-S: represented a high-ranking police officer charged with theft and money laundering.